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Typhoon Support

Thank You !!! to all who have donated.

Whole Cebu City stands up and HELPS.
The Filipinos are awesome people. A disaster happens and the rest of the country stand up and helps. Sure there is a lot of discussion about the government, sure there is a lot of help from different countries. But this help comes later and it is used for rebuilding the infrastructure. With your money we could help IMMEDIATELY and we could help people survive ... and that is priceless.

Don't worry the affected areas will soon rise and shine again and thats because of your support:
Thanks again ...Daghang Salamat

Dec 22: Daan Bantayan
we went again in the
hit areas and we brought:
300 buckets, 300 basins, 300 dipper,
300 loafs of bread, 300 Coke (1l)
300 bread spreads,
400 pairs of slippers, 350 tarpaulins
500 gift packs for kids (clothes & toys)

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