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Typhoon Support

Thank You !!! to all who have donated.

Whole Cebu City stands up and HELPS.
The Filipinos are awesome people. A disaster happens and the rest of the country stand up and helps. Sure there is a lot of discussion about the government, sure there is a lot of help from different countries. But this help comes later and it is used for rebuilding the infrastructure. With your money we could help IMMEDIATELY and we could help people survive ... and that is priceless.

We could help a lot because of your donations

Imagine all fisher boats are destroyed.
Lots of schools are destroyed. 90% of small business are destroyed.
The aim is now get people back to work, fish, go to school whatever. People need to get back to a purpose in life earn and spend money to make the economy working again.
We are networking with other organizations here in Cebu and in the hit areas. We will keep you posted what happens with your money .... but be assured it helps the Philippino people.

One more thing:
I got a lot of emails: Shall we now visit the Philippines ?
My answer is YES more than ever.

Fact is 90 percent of the Philippines is still intact.
Tourism is a big income for Philippinos ... If you would not come now a lot more problems would arise for the economy.

There is even projects, called VOLUNTOURISM. Go to the affected area and help to rebuild. For more infos please send me an email.

I am willing to answer all your questions regarding, Island not affected, places to go to rebuild.

In behalf of those we could help I want to say THANK YOU to all.
Actually the whole day beeing out there and help was special ...but there was a special moment.

Don't worry the affected areas will soon rise and shine again and thats because of your support:
Thanks again ...Daghang Salamat

Dec 4: Dalingding Elementary School
Malingin Elementary School
Libertad Elementary School
and Barangay Bandilaan

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typhoon yolanda

Nov 25: Back to Sea Project (15,000 PHP)
Relief Goods can only sustain them for so long. We need to bring our fishermen back to the sea, so they in turn can help their families and community heal.
typhoon philippines


Nov 22: Daanbantayan (165,000 PHP)
Barangay Bandilaan & 2 smaller Barangays

500 kilo nails
500 tarps (5x3m)
200 hygene kids (shampoo, soap, Toothpaste, laundry soap)
1000 x 1 l bottled water

additional from Mecca: 75 relief packs

additional from Polaris Dive Center: 125x 1l water, 25 relief packs

more pics

Nov 17: Sitio Libertad, Bagay, Daanbantayan (230,000 PHP)
We were able to pack 500 packs of food. We had additional 200 packs from Woitek and friends and 100 sacks of nails from Jim Webb.
We where able to help 700 families.

1000 kilo rice
3000 Canned goods
Tarps 500x8 m
1000 milk/cerials
Matches 2500 packed
5000 candles
1000 paracetamol
1000 pain reliever
1000 diarhea
1000 antibiotic
Multivitamins 1000 tablets
200 bottels vitamines for kids

Thanks to everybody who helped with a donation.


more pics


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