Jammy Dayon, 18 jahre I got a mountain bike. I use the bicycle every day for commuting to school or to the company where i am working. I also will join mountain bike races. I am very happy because the bicycle helps me to save money. I would like to thank the people who made that possible.

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   Pa Bukid si Bugoy
Pa Bukid si Bugoy
means Bugoy goes in the Mountains

we thought about it's time to give something back.

BugoyBikers is a company who earns its money with Mountain Biking Tours in the Philippines. Started 2002 with biking, it wasn't a business, not even the intention of becoming one.

But, things happen -> and now it's a business :)
BugoyBikers now is spearheading the event called "Pa Bukid si Bugoy".

The intention is to cycle in the mountains, to a mountain community and try to
help in a "small" way. Support Education, food, whatever is needed.

This is an open ride, and every cyclist can join.
Just donate something, go with us in the mountains and see, that
100% of your donation will be received, where it's most needed.

Even non cyclist can join (limited seats in our support jeepney)

As cyclist, we take so much memories and fun out of the mountains
... lets help in our small way. Let's support those who need support.


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