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Typhoon Support

Give out Solar Lights

Our idea is to give out solar light for the victims of the Typhoon.

Especially in remote areas there is no electricity yet.
Fishermen also might use the lights for fishing.

Some of the Solar light come with a cell phone charger.

We will buy the light from our foundation and give it to people in need. Depending on which light the farmer wants we will charge the person/familie from 120 PHP (2 Euro) to 600 PHP (10 Euro)payable in a monthly basis up to 1 year.

We believe that giving away items for free might lead in the wrong direction and might be abused.

The small amount we ask for gives a value to the item. .

We bought:
23 x Solar Lantern S300
10 x BSS-00207
2 x S20
1 x S2


More infos here soon

solar typhoon.

solar typhoon

solar typhoon

solar typhoon

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