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Mr. Jens Funk
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Cycling Philippines
The first and only cycling
book in the Philippines.
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“Philipinos by heart” Bike Expedition

Development workers ride the roof of the world for a cause, a Filipino cause.

It started with doing development work in the Philippines. Both Martin Langevoord from The Netherlands and Jens Funk from Germany were introduced here to the fun of cycling and meeting the true Filipino in the country sites on all there trips nationwide.

The love for biking and the enthusiasm from other bikers made them decide to write down there experiences and produce the first travelbook about cycling for the Philippines.

‘Cycling Philippines’ was released last May and is sold nationwide and serves all cyclists who want to disembark on multiple-week rides through the Visayas and Palawan, as well as the toughest downhill adrenalin junkies. With 350 pages it is as much a tribute to the countryside as well as it is to the Filipino. And exploring the islands by bike is just the perfect way of meeting these two.

But the story continues. Both Langevoord and Funk wanted to do more. Having so much fun just from cycling alone, they felt that the poorer people should have more access to bikes. And “Bike 4 U” was born. This foundation aims at getting bikes and bike parts from all over the country and Germany for the deprived filipino kids. Aim of the foundation is to introduce kids to riding and repairing bikes and joining several seminars about biking. In September 2006 Funk and Langevoord cycled from Gilgit, Pakistan along the Karakoram Highway in between snowcapped mountains of over 7000 m. to Kashgar, China. The highest pass was Kunjerab Pass at 4730 m. By riding here they raised 69000 PHPfor Bike4U and showed that a bike is more then just a bike, it’s a tool that connects people. The tour was supported by The North Face, Philippines and Rudy Project, Philippines.

"BugoyBiker" Jens Funk hands over the check of 69000 PHP to Bike4U Foundation on Nov, 29 2006 in Cebu City. Receiving the check is the foundation's treasurer Meyrick Jacalan. Present in the photo are Roy Zapata (2nd from the left) Corporate Secretary of Bike4U and founding members, Tex Hernandez (right most) and JV Araneta (left most)

Martin Langevoord, Jens Funk



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