Jammy Dayon, 18 jahre I got a mountain bike. I use the bicycle every day for commuting to school or to the company where i am working. I also will join mountain bike races. I am very happy because the bicycle helps me to save money. I would like to thank the people who made that possible.

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  Foundation bike   Dec, 2012

we fed 300 kids in Hagnaya, Danao, Cebu 25 December 2013. Besides, food and games they all got slippers and some small presents.

Foundation bike
  Dec, 2012

2012 December

Aldin a security guard from Cebu is now the proud owner of a mountain bike and helmet. He commutes to work and saves money :)


  Foundation bike   Dec, 2011

Kids feeding in Danao Cebu
220 hungry mouth were fed

  Jun, 2009

3 bikes

      Apr, 2008

3 bikes

      Nov, 2007

100 Bikes from France

bike donation
  Jan , 2007

total 106 bikes

29 January 2007
4 students from CITE

22 January 2007
95 students from CITE
4 bikes for the CITE Bike club
3 kiddie bikes

Bike4U would like to say: " Daghang Salamat (Vielen Dank) to all donators"


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