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Foundation Philippines

Foundation Philippines
Foundation Philippines

Jammy Dayon, 18 jahre I got a mountain bike. I use the bicycle every day for commuting to school or to the company where i am working. I also will join mountain bike races. I am very happy because the bicycle helps me to save money. I would like to thank the people who made that possible.

   About us
The Bike4U shall be organized as a non-profit, cause-oriented organization that utilizes the bicycle to build skills and foster personal growth of young adults through bicycle related programs and services. It recognizes that everyone should have their own bike that give him/her the option to use it for recreational, fitness, and commuting purpose. The B4U works to provide each one a bike.
  We expanded our services in 2011 to also help "non biking" initiatives.

  Bike Foundation  
    A Cebu-based Not-for-profit Organization


Bike4U Foundation
12 Floor
Ayala FGU Center
Mindanao Ave.
Cebu Business Park
Cebu City, Philippines

contact: jens (at) bugoybikers.de




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